Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Few More Words

Joey has added a few more words to his list:

- Round and round (he'll say this when he wants to sing "The Wheels on the Bus" -- and he does the hand motions!)
- Animals (he learned this word while staring at GrandBob's deer and antelope heads - he tried roaring and meowing at them, but was confused that there wasn't any response, so instead he just kept saying "animals" over and over!)
- Down

So much fun!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Joey's New Words

Joey has started talking! His current vocabulary:

hi, hello, bye, mama, dada, ni-ni (Caroline), Bamp-boo (Grandpa), Bambob (Grandbob), ka-ty (Katie), kitty, meow, doggy, roar (when he sees a picture of a lion), oh-oh-ah-ah (when he sees pictures of monkeys), up, baba (water), MORE!!!!! (usually in the context of asking for more food), NOOOOOO (combined with finger-pointing, much like his sisters say to him), happy, nose, eye, ear, mouth, baby, and (sadly) plie (which he learned while sitting through the girls' ballet classes).

Earlier this week he actually put two words together -- "dada UP!"

Happy Halloween!

Three Little Munchkins
Caroline the Ladybug

Caroline's party at school:Katie the Good Witch of West Linn:

Joey the Monkey and Daddy