Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Joey's Morning Playtime

This morning was great... Joey crawled in and out of the playhouse that Aunt Bobbi and Uncle Don gave to Caroline for her birthday. He had a ball! Not only did he crawl through the doors, but also opened the windows and climbed through them, toppling head-first into the house!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tillamook Spring Break

The kids and I went to Tillamook for the last half of Spring Break. We stayed with Aunt Carol. We were lucky enough to enjoy a walk on the beach at low tide on a sunny day, lunch at the Elks with the Friday crowd, and an ice cream treat at the Cheese Factory before kids had pre-nap meltdowns. On a sad note, we helped with the estate sale of my Grandma's things. I learned some family history and enjoyed seeing aunts and uncles, but no matter how it's done, estate sales are a closing of a chapter in life and a sad affair. To lighten things up, Caroline performed like a rock-star, and Joey stayed calm amid a box of scarves. Leave it to the kids to provide some levity in any situation!

Big Boy Joey & A Day at the Zoo

We started our spring break with a fun (and very, very crowded) day at the zoo with our friends, the Cokes. It was a nice spring day for the zoo, which can be a lot to ask for in an Oregon March. The biggest hits: elephants (that's what Joey was looking at in the picture above), penguins, and polar bears.

January & February 2010 Recap

What a great start to 2010! A few pictures to highlight our family's goings-on for the first couple of months this year...

The girls pose in new Christmas dresses from Grandpa and Tamu.

Next up... pictures from our first sledding trip to Mt. Hood. The kids loved it... even Joey! They especially enjoyed the post-sledding hot chocolate action. That was a BIG hit.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Katie Rides a Bike!

Big girl Katie turned six on Tuesday - what a big birthday! We enjoyed a family dinner at Katie's favorite restaurant (Red Robin), then came home for presents. Here's a video of Katie riding her new bike -- no training wheels! And of course Caroline is riding her tricycle, and Joey is cruising around in his walker. Gotta love these sunny Oregon days! And Happy Birthday, big girl Katie!