Sunday, July 11, 2010

Totally Summer... Kilchis Camping!!

What do you call a two-night adventure with 10 kids, 3 adults, 3 visitors, and a vat of spaghetti big enough to feed 100 people? It's a Laidlaw-Porter-Duplessie-Jacobs camping trip, of course! There was a little bit of fishing, swimming, marshmallow-roasting, late-night storytelling (including how the local Mook gave Tillamook its name), and even a skit directed by Carson. The kids were sly enough to find a woppit hole, but quiet and well-behaved enough not to summon or disturb any woppits.

I suspect there will be a lot of heavy snoring tonite as we all settle back into our own cozy beds. The only thing better than camping is getting home and unpacked after camping!

A Red, WHITE, and Blue 4th

Thanks to the White family for introducing us to the wonders of Washington fireworks! The afternoon started with a little friendly Dads & Uncles v. Kids baseball (nobody here is competitive, right?). And we had lots of great food and lots and lots and lots of long-overdue conversation (yes, Tara, I'm talking about you!!). Then Alec and the boys got to play with their fireworks toys. No major injuries to report. What a great time!!

Tiny Dancers

lHere are some pics from the girls' dance recitals. Caroline was in her first recital ever, and was super excited to be on stage! Both girls did a great job, and they're quite the little hams, as you can see --

Caroline the Ballerina:
Katie the Ballerina:Katie's tap/jazz costume, along with her friends Kylie and Ruby: