Sunday, June 20, 2010

Preschool & Kindergarten Graduation

It's officially summer! Caroline successfully finished her first year of preschool. She can write her numbers 1 through 6, and knows all her letters and numbers through 20. We've noticed tremendous improvement in her speech clarity and vocabulary. The end of the year also marked the end of Katelyn's kindergarten year. Her newest accomplishment is beginning to read chapter books on her own! I can't believe these kids have grown so fast!

The musical presentation:

Mrs. Kilstrom, Mrs. Martin, and Mrs. Skloss - what a fantastic group of teachers! Thank you for all your work with our girls!Daddy and the kids

Helvetia Half Marathon

I ran the Helvetia Half this year as part of my training for the Portland Marathon. It was a tough 13.1 miles, but I didn't walk at all, and was able to finish strong!

Coming around the corner... finish line is only a few steps away:
My cheerleaders:
Our Family - Helevetia 2010
Our Family - Helvetia 2008:

Kid Shenanigans

We made a mini-trip up to Seattle for more Laidlaw visiting. Tamu bought special hats for the kids, and after about 10 different attempts, here is the picture we were finally able to capture... it took serious work to get these three to sit still all at once!

We spent Father's Day at the Portland Saturday/Sunday market. One of the performers was a group of belly dancers. Here's a picture of Joey watching them... totally enthralled, almost to the point of oogling. Isn't it a bit early for this??

Our underfed linebacker:

Here's Katie, our T-Ball Star - batting and running like a champ!

Cousin Mackenzie

Along with Joseph's birthday, we celebrated the 1st birthday of our niece/cousin Mackenzie. She had lots of fun with the baby and stroller the girls gave her for her birthday, although her first trick was to try climbing in the stroller herself. Sorry, but that baby doll won't push you, Mackenzie!!

Alec with niece Mackenzie:

Aunt Shayna with Joey:

Mackenzie's baby:

Let me in!

Joey Turns ONE!!

Joey's first year has flown by, and we're having more fun with him every day! Below are some pictures of his monkey birthday party. Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate - we're very fortunate to have such fabulous family and friends! And thank you for all the help along Joey's first year, which included two family moves, two business moves, and lots of other hectic fun!

Joey with Tamu:

The cake: